Pasta Astorino

The Astorino Pasta company was founded in 2002 with the aim of producing pasta combining tradition and innovation. Over the years it has specialized in the production of regional products such as macaroni and short and long cavatelli, Strozzapreti, trofie and orecchiette. The pride of the company are the Calabrian pasta shapes like macaroni and cavatelli.
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Conchiglioni Giant Pasta Shells 14 x 500g
Produced in the southern Italian region of Crotone ,a region charactureized by vineyards,olive grove..
Maccheroncini Piccanti 18x500g
Macheroncini piccanti Maccheroncini Calabrian "Maccarruni": ancient dish par excellence (it seems..
Orechiette 18x500g
Orechiette Pasta shells Orecchiette are a type of pasta typical of the Puglia region, but above ..