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Here at Camisa we have been importing and supplying some of the finest Italian and Swiss cheeses for many years,using our knowledge and experience to source and select from artisan producers offering unique cheeses as well as everyday favourites. . . . EACH CHEESE IS PRICED PER KILO WITH AN APPROXIMATE WEIGHT FOR EACH.
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Asiago DOP 1/4 Wheel Cuts 2.0 kgs
Semi-hard, creamy and sharp, an aged cow's milk cheese that has a nutty, medium flavour. It's more m..
Cravot Goats Cheese 1/2 wheels cut 3.0 kgs
Long matured, semi-soft cheese, made from pasteurized goat's milk. White, with pale yellow shades. ..
Fontina Valle D"Aosta 2.0kg Approximate
Soft mountain cheese from the milk of the Valle Daosta cows..
Gorgonzola Oro Creamy 1.6kgs Approximate
Typical blue veined soft Gorgonzola from Lombardy which is melt in the mouth gorgeous, tangy and ..
Gorgonzola Piccante Firm Mountain 1.6kgs Approximate
Gorgonzola piccante is a stong and crumbly cows milk cheese produced in Lombardy and Piedmont. So..
Mascorpone 6 x 250g Tubs
Used in many Italian desserts..
Parmigiano Reggiano  200g pieces
200g pre cut Parmigiano Reggiano..
Parmigiano Reggiano 1kg cuts
Smaller 1.0kg cuts of Reggiano..
Parmigiano Reggiano Fresh Cuts 5.0kgs Approximate
The Camisa family originate from Parma, the town famous for Parmigiano cheese,Parma Ham,and Giuseppe..
Parmigiano Reggiano Whole Wheel 35kgs Approximate
Whole Wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano 24 month mature..
Pecorino Toscano 2.5kgs Approximate
Pecorino Toscano soft and sweet..
Provolone Piccante 2.5kg Cuts Approximate
Seasoned semi soft cheese with a spicy flavour Provolone Piccante is a semi hard cheese with a sh..
Ricotta 6 x 250g Tubs
Lovely soft Ricotta widely used in Italian cooking..