Pasta Alfieri

The Alfieri factory specialize in producing only Egg pasta made from the very best Extra Quality Durum Wheat Semolina,which comes from the first milling of the grain and gives their pasta a much brighter yellow colour than standard Semolina. The Eggs they use are typically A grade and supplied daily for freshness. Exclusive to our Italian On Line store in various shapes and colours.
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Farfalli Egg Pasta 10x500g
Farfalli Egg pasta bows..
Fettucine Paglia e Fiera 8x500g
Fettucine Egg Pasta Egg and Spinach Ribbons..
Riccioli Barolo 10x250g
Riccioli Egg Pasta made with Barolo wine..
Riccioli Nero Di Seppia 10x250g
Riccioli Egg Pasta made with squid ink...